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Do you know your beer? Find out with our Noble Pig Brewhouse Package

Do you know your beer? Ale? Lager? Stout? The Noble Pig offers a selection of Noble Brews created on site and always on tap, ready to enjoy, as well as a rotation of seasonal and specialty beers. Join us for regular tours, tastings and “beer and food pairing” nights.

In case you’re a little rusty, here’s a little “Beer 101” lesson:

  • Bitter: One of the most popular ales in England, bitter contains hops and can have flavors reminiscent of fruits and caramel, depending on the yeast and grain type. Typically it is a light, drinkable beer, but it can be strong and heavy-bodied. Bitters range from golden to dark red in color.
  • Amber Ale: Amber ales are similar to pale ales but sweeter. They are also darker in color; hence the name “amber” in place of “pale.”
  • Pale Ale: Pale ale is light-colored beer that is both malty and hoppy. Pale ales from England are often hoppier and even spicy, whereas American pale ales are a little lighter, sometimes with fruity aromas. .
  • Stout: Stouts are distinguished by the use of unmalted, dark-roasted barley, low amount of hops, and often sweet, carmel or chocolate aromas. There are several styles, including dry stouts, cream stouts and oatmeal stouts.
  • Wheat Beer: These beers are refreshing, pale in color, sometimes cloudy and unfiltered, and highly carbonated. Fruity flavors are common.
  • Lager: The lager is known for its crisp, clean taste. Lagers go through a low-temperature aging process known as “lagering.” This helps mellow the beer to create a smoother taste.

Pick your favourite house brew to fill your own personal growler, then stay to enjoy dinner!

 Our Noble Pig Brewhouse Package includes:

  • One night of accommodations in a Deluxe room at The Thompson Hotel
  • Complimentary continental breakfast
  • $75 gift card for the Noble Pig
  • Growler bag including brew fill
  • Complimentary parking
  • Brewery tour may be available dependent on Brewmaster’s schedule

Package must be reserved 48 hours in advance of your anticipated arrival. Contact the us to reserve your package today!